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Customizing your web user journey is key. Otowui is a set of web apps that enables Marketing Teams to supercharge their emails, landing pages, forms and much more...

  • Forms
  • Email Templates
  • Landing page Templates ...
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  • Adobe Marketo Engage
  • Salesforce Pardot
  • Oracle Eloqua
WEB APPS Oto-Form Forms Enhancer Oto-Page Landing Page Template Creator Oto-Mail Email Template Creator
DATA QUALITY Very-Mail Email Address Validation Very-Phone Global Phone Number Validation Very-Count Limit Registrations
PREMIUM Preference Centers Collect the right data! Smart Newsletter One to one Marketing Emails Smart Form User Personalized Dynamic Form
Marketing Template Builder
Web Applications

Create Amazing Campaigns

Build your dream user journey! Start using our email and landing page template builder and improve your campaigns today. Otowui offers you a multitude of easy to leverage tools that simply create a unique harmonized experience for your users.

Drag, Drop, Build

Enter a new era where template management is easy. Create, copy, clone, modify, then select your modules within our tool to create the template you need upon demand. Our modules are at the forefront of the latest trends and being constantly updated.

  • Branding presets
  • Responsive templates
  • Import RSS
Drag n Drop Marketing template generator
Webpage Builder

We fit in your MAP

One-click push to your marketing platform, or download the HTML and use anywhere. Otowui currently supports Marketo, Salesforce Pardot, Mailchimp and any providers with native html file import functionality.

  • Unlimited Publications
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Oto-Mail


    Email Template Builder

  • Oto-Page


    Landing Page Template Builder

  • Oto-Form


    Marketo© Form Customizer

  • Oto-Sign


    Email Signature Builder

  • Very-Mail


    Email Address Validation

  • Very-Count


    Establish a cap on registrations

  • Ai-Check


    Automatize AI prompts

  • Very-Phone


    Global Phone Number Validation

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Our expertise

  • Email
  • Landing Page
  • Form
  • Preference center
  • Webservice
  • Consulting
Marketing Automation Services

Fine-tune your user experience

Be Unique, Be Pioneering, Be Revolutionary! Otowui allows you to fine tune your entire user experience through our consulting. We undertake audits and integrations, as well as development and management. Our priority is to help overcome your challenges and choose the most optimal solutions. Our aim is to create a customer journey as simple for your colleagues as it is for your customers.

Have you been dreamimg of dynamic personalized emails, smart newsletters, scalable and individualized forms, a client preference center, GDPR banners, targeted pop-ups ... it's time to go to the next level!

  • Preference Center

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    Our team of experts can help you build a data architecture that is tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that you collect the right data points and avoid data overload.

  • Form Creation

    Read more

    Need a form that fit to your custom webpage? Struggling with coding for having the best rendering? Otowui is here to help you.

  • Landing Page Template

    Read more

    Do you need a custom landing page template that looks great on every device and is designed to meet your specific needs?

  • Email Template

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    Do you need a custom email template that looks great on every device and is designed to meet your specific needs?

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Need to outsource ?

Provide us your design requirements and specifications and we'll return optimized templates ready to use in your chosen platform. As with any template we create, at Otowui, you'll have the possibility to add it to any subsequent subscription plan or one of our template generation offers. So don't wait delay to give us a try! Our prices are ultra competitive, contact us for your quote!

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Easy to use, scalable, UX friendly, nice integration with Marketo!

testimonial Thomas Operational marketing manager Agence France Presse

It is a pleasure to work with true specialists who are on top of their game. Otowui has created for us new email and LP templates that both convey our new brand identity and integrate the best practices of email marketing.

testimonial Marie-Helene Manager Marketing Clients Cegos

Marketo offers a bunch of free email and LP templates, and you can create your own. But this requires HTML and css knowledge, plus the inner logic of Marketo. With this email/Lp builder, you drag and drop modules, add your corporate branding, set up all the UI options, and you export your work as Templates directly into Marketo. This app solves the major Marketo pain point. It should be included in Marketo!

testimonial Sylvain CEO Merlin Leonard

When you have advanced needs but few development skills in your marketing team, creating emails and landing pages in Marketo can be tedious. Otowui has completely solved this problem thanks to elegant, easy-to-use templates that can easily be adapted to each type of campaign. We thus take full advantage of the power of Marketo without wasting time on technical considerations.

testimonial Damien CMO Coffreo

The best solution to improve user experience and ease usage of the platforms. Otowui met our requirements both in the Landing Pages we made and in the whole recreation of our website. They bring good modern designs and respect the ergonomics of the website, very user-friendly. The team is quick to respond to queries and respectful of time. My experience has been amazing!

testimonial Camila Marketing Manager Ubika

Don't take our word for it,
Trust our customers!

We are proud of our many satisfied customers, who testify to the quality of our products and services on the web. We have carried out projects for companies in different sectors and of different sizes.

News & Resources

Discover our latest news, events, product updates...

  • Introducing Very-Count: The Ultimate Solution for Event Registration Management in 2024

    Introducing Very-Count: The Ultimate Solution for Event Registration Management in 2024

    UpdatesJune 27, 2024
    Discover Very-Count webservice from Otowui designed to streamline your event management. Seamlessly integrate with Marketo forms, set registration caps with real-time notifications and customizable scenarios. Enhance your event management process today with Very-Count!
  • Launch Alert: Introducing Marketo Form Enhancer! 

    Launch Alert: Introducing Marketo Form Enhancer! 

    UpdatesJune 10, 2024
    Are you intimidated by coding? Do you find yourself stuck staring at a blank page when trying to create advanced CSS forms in Marketo? Fear no more! We are excited to introduce Marketo Form Enhancer
  • Introducing “Rating Asset”: The Game-Changing Feature for Marketo Users

    Introducing “Rating Asset”: The Game-Changing Feature for Marketo Users

    UpdatesMay 10, 2024
    In today's fast-paced digital landscape, marketers are constantly seeking innovative ways to engage their audience and gather actionable insights. We are excited to unveil our latest feature, Rating Asset, a revolutionary tool designed to enhance your Marketo experience
  • Pioneering Marketo Solutions: Otowui’s Triumph at Adobe Summit 2024

    Pioneering Marketo Solutions: Otowui’s Triumph at Adobe Summit 2024

    EventsApril 22, 2024
    At the Adobe Summit, Otowui's unmatched Marketo solutions shone brightly, reaffirming their industry leadership. Oto-form stole the spotlight with its innovative approach, solving age-old problems for Marketo users.
  • Optimizing Conversions and Beyond: Unleashing Marketo Landing Pages for Success in 2024

    Optimizing Conversions and Beyond: Unleashing Marketo Landing Pages for Success in 2024

    ResourcesFebruary 1, 2024
    Learn how to create and optimize Marketo landing pages with our guide.
  • Join Otowui at Adobe Summit 2024! Supercharge your Web journey!

    Join Otowui at Adobe Summit 2024! Supercharge your Web journey!

    EventsJanuary 30, 2024
    Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of digital innovation and customer experience excellence as Otowui takes the spotlight at Adobe Summit 2024 in Las Vegas.
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