Otowui is an innovative company that offers builders solutions for emails or landing pages and advice for companies wishing to improve the online experience of their users.

The story of Otowui is that of a chance encounter between two web enthusiasts, who quickly realized they shared a common vision for the future of technology and customer service. They were both captivated by the idea of ​​creating an innovative platform that could help businesses improve their online experience and reach their full potential.

With a unique combination of design, development, and marketing skills, they began working together to design a platform that could meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. They spent months tweaking the details, testing different ideas, and listening to feedback from potential customers

Finally, after many months of hard work, they launched Otowui, a platform that offers a powerful email and landing page builder, as well as additional services to improve the web user experience. Since then, Otowui has quickly gained popularity with businesses around the world, who appreciate the ease of use of the platform and the stunning results it allows them to achieve.

How does Otowui help businesses?

Our observation is that today marketing campaigns require several specific skills to produce notable impacts, such as creatives, email experts, web page experts, coders, content writers, local marketers , automation / marketing operations managers, digital experts... This new plurality of expertise leads organizations to choose most of the time between: productivity with low rendering or creativity with low productivity.
Otowui's goal is to reconcile the two to help you deliver an advanced, automated, beautiful, fast and efficient user journey.

Our values

We believe that quality user experience is crucial to the success of an online business, and we're here to help our customers achieve their goals through:

  • innovation by offering advanced features and unique designs to stand out from our competitors.
  • Simplicity by offering a simple and intuitive interface to make life easier for our customers.
  • flexibility by offering customizable solutions according to the needs of each client.
  • reliability by offering robust and reliable solutions to support our customers over the long term.
  • customer service by offering responsive and efficient customer service to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.
  • results by delivering solutions that help our customers achieve their business goals.

Our slogan


Our products

Our flagship products are our email and landing page builders, simple and intuitive tools to create professional designs in minutes, without any coding knowledge. We also offer services to improve the web user experience of our customers.

  • Oto-Mail

    Our generator allows you to create professional and personalized emails in minutes. It includes elegant templates, advanced customization options, and integrations with major marketing automation platforms.

  • Oto-Page

    Our generator allows you to create effective landing pages to increase conversions. It offers a variety of proven templates, advanced customization options. (forms, animation, videos,…)

  • Prices

    We offer different packaged formulas at fair prices to meet the needs of our customers. Each new client receives personalized support.

  • Services

    Services to improve the user experience: we offer additional services such as improving your forms, your preference centers and advice to optimize the user experience.

Our support

We aim to have a 100% satisfaction rate.
For this and we provide quality online support and remarkable response times as well as a series of video tutorials and online documentation.

  • Why choose Otowui?

    By choosing Otowui, you benefit from an innovative, simple, flexible, reliable, customer service and results-oriented email and landing page builder platform. It is the choice to have the best expertise in the field available and to be part of the continuous improvement of the web experience of your users.

  • Our engagement

    We invest in the continuous development of our platform in order to offer functional changes to our customers every 9 months maximum.


We are proud of our many satisfied customers, who testify to the quality of our products and services on the web. We have carried out projects for companies in different sectors and of different sizes.

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Who are we

  • Charles is the co-founder of Otowui and is responsible for marketing strategy and business development. He is a web enthusiast and digital marketing expert, with over 15 years of experience in the field. He enjoys creating unique and personalized user experiences for Otowui customers. He is also a developer and is passionate about the latest technologies to improve the performance and quality of Otowui's products.

    At Otowui, we believe our customers' success is our success. We are committed to creating unique user experiences for each of our clients through our cutting-edge digital marketing and web development skills.

    - Charles
  • Jean-Marie is the co-founder of Otowui and is responsible for designing and implementing the technology for Otowui's products. He is a talented designer and full stack developer with over 20 years of experience in the field. He enjoys creating innovative designs and smooth user experiences for Otowui customers. He is also passionate about the latest technologies to improve the performance and quality of Otowui's products.

    We believe technology and design should work together to create amazing user experiences. At Otowui, we are committed to creating products that exceed our customers' expectations.

    - Jean-Marie

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