Nowadays, marketing campaigns require several specific skills for producing real impact. Designers, emails and web experts, coders, content writers, field marketers, marketing automation & operation agents, digital experts are all part of the mix… This new plurality of expertise means oftentime organisations forced to choose between: productivity with low impact or creativity with low productivity.
Otowui’s goal is to reconcile both to help you generate a beautiful, fast, efficient and automated advanced user journey.
How do we do this? By structuring and combining all of these specific skills through our services. So whatever the size of your organization, you’re always seeking, as Marketing expert, reconcile experience and efficiency, Otowui is here to accompany you at every juncture.

Web Apps

  • Oto-Mail

    Email Template Builder

  • Oto-Page

    Landing Page Template Builder

  • Oto-Sign

    Email Signature Builder

  • Very-Mail

    Batch verify emails validity

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On-demand Services

  • Preference Center

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    Our team of experts can help you build a data architecture that is tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that you collect the right data points and avoid data overload.

  • Form Creation

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    Need a form that fit to your custom webpage? Struggling with coding for having the best rendering? Otowui is here to help you.

  • Landing Page Template

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    Do you need a custom landing page template that looks great on every device and is designed to meet your specific needs?

  • Email Template

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    Do you need a custom email template that looks great on every device and is designed to meet your specific needs?

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Wordpress Plugins

  • WP-Mkto-Leads

    Create lead upon registration through Woocommerce

  • WP-Mkto-Forms

    Embed, prefill and customize your Marketo Forms on Wordpress.

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