Create lead upon registration through Woocommerce

Transforming your Woocommerce store into a powerhouse of lead generation has never been easier with our groundbreaking WordPress plugin. By seamlessly integrating Marketo campaigns with your user registration process, you can effortlessly cultivate a robust database of leads straight from your website’s signup forms.

Key Features:

  • Effortless Lead Creation: Instantly generate a lead within your Marketo campaign for every new user account registered through the Woocommerce account creation form.
  • Tailored User Experience: Define the fields you want to display on your registration page, ensuring a customized and user-friendly signup process.
  • Email Exclusion List: Maintain control over who can register on your site by specifying an email exclusion list, preventing undesired signups.
  • Automated Country Selection: Enhance user convenience by automatically pre-filling the country field based on the visitor’s location, streamlining the registration process.

Supported Fields:

Choose from a comprehensive array of fields to capture vital user information, including: Email, Name, Company, Address…

With this plugin, you’ll not only streamline your user registration process but also supercharge your lead generation efforts, empowering your business to thrive in the digital landscape. Unlock the full potential of your Woocommerce store today with our innovative lead creation solution.

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