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Really Simple Syndication (aka RSS) is a type of web feed format used to publish frequently updated content, such as blog entries, news headlines, and videos, in a standardized format. Many companies offer this free service to their users to easily stay up-to-date with their favorite websites without having to constantly check for updates. However, it implies to have a feed reader or aggregator software, which automatically checks for new content and displays it in a user-friendly interface.

What is the Otowui’s RSS-Powered content feature?

Not every users of your website has a tool for reading RSS feeds and from now on, Otowui builders are letting you insert any RSS feeds within your email or landing page with ease.

Indeed, the Otowui’s users can easily curate content from a variety of sources, including blogs, social media, and more, to build their campaigns. By using this feature, you no longer have to worry about manual updates or finding new content to keep your subscribers engaged, just choose your feed and select any content you love to integrate in the display of your choice.

Our email and landing page builders comes with a variety of customizable templates that allow you to create professional-looking emails without any design or coding skills. Whether you want a simple text-based email or an eye-catching, visually appealing email, our templates have you covered. You can easily add your brand’s logo, colors, and font to make the email uniquely yours.

In short, the Otowui’s RSS-powered content feature is here to assist you for making effective campaigns aligned on your existing content strategy. Let’s rearrange your processes and your user experience by converting your RSS feeds into ready to go professional campaigns.

Posted ago by Charles

Charles is the co-founder of Otowui and is responsible for marketing strategy and business development. He is a web enthusiast and digital marketing expert, with over 15 years of experience in the field. He enjoys creating unique and personalized user experiences for Otowui customers. He is also a developer and is passionate about the latest technologies to improve the performance and quality of Otowui's products.

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