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If there was a unique place where you should enhance the user experience is definitely the form. Stop asking the same questions each time and create experience that you want with the combination of prefill, conditional display, multi-steps form or even adaptative multilingual form in your Marketing Automation Platform. Otowui claims to simplify this process with its dynamic form. This form is designed to personalize the user experience, regardless of where they are in the funnel.


The best part about this form is that it looks like several forms for the end-user, but it is actually just one cleverly designed form. This simplifies the process for marketers who have to manage multiple forms or never manage to create the experience they wish.


Otowui also offers a pricing model that is ultra-competitive. With the pay-per-half-hour model, you will receive a quote within 24 hours. This fast turnaround time can save marketers valuable time and allow them to focus on other important tasks.


Otowui’s dynamic form offers marketers a simple, fast, and automated solution to form management. It is a must-have feature for anyone looking to streamline their marketing processes and save time.

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