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Managing forms can be a cumbersome task for marketers, and Otowui aims to simplify this process with its unique Marketo smart form. This form is designed to personalize the user experience, regardless of where they are in the funnel.


The best part about this form is that it looks like several forms for the end-user, but it is actually just one cleverly designed form maintained in Marketo. This simplifies the process for marketers who have to manage multiple forms for different stages of the funnel.


Otowui also offers a pricing model that is ultra-competitive. With the pay-per-half-hour model, you will receive a quote within 24 hours. This fast turnaround time can save marketers valuable time and allow them to focus on other important tasks.

Moreover, Otowui provides an automated delivery file and access to a template on their platform, which allows users to benefit from any fixes due to web browser evolution for a whole year. This means that you won’t have to worry about updating your form every time there is a change in the web browser.


In addition, you will be able to export your form again whenever you desire. This feature gives marketers the flexibility to make changes to their forms whenever they need to without any hassle. However, it is important to note that this feature requires you to have purchased one of Otowui’s landing page templates.

Overall, Otowui’s unique Marketo smart form offers marketers a simple, fast, and automated solution to form management. It is a must-have tool for anyone looking to streamline their marketing processes and save time.

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