Global Phone Number Validation

Very-Phone offers comprehensive yet user-friendly validation for both national and international phone numbers.

This API performs real-time processing, cross-referencing phone numbers with the most up-to-date international numbering plan databases. Additionally, it enhances the data by including carrier information, geographical location, and line type details.

By integrating the Number Verification API into your application, you can verify the authenticity of phone numbers during data entry, safeguarding your system against fraudulent inputs and enhancing the quality of potential leads.

Key Features

  • International Number Validation
    Validate international phone numbers using their unique international dialing codes.
  • National Number Validation
    Validate national phone numbers by supplying a 2-digit country code parameter.
  • Location Data Retrieval
    Obtain valuable geographical information such as country and location with each API request.
  • Carrier Detection
    Confirm the legitimacy of customers by retrieving information about the carrier associated with their phone number.
  • Line Type Detection
    Improve message delivery rates and ensure effective communication by identifying the type of phone line being used.
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