Landing pages = Dead Ends? Upgrade to 2.0!


In the “old world” it was enough to create 1 landing page with no external link, and only use 1 form for 1 piece of content. No more.

This approach is now completely outdated, not to mention totally restrictive! Whilst the initial solution solved problems associated with tracking and ROI calculations, there are now much better options available to you!

Marketo Landing Pages – Time for Fine-Tuning

Take a more flexible approach whilst also improving your tracking (and ROI)! Don’t be afraid to make your Marketo landing page a link to related campaigns and instead be sure to allow your leads the chance to continue navigating to any of your other pages.

You can achieve this outcome through a plethora of possibilities, such as a static section for additional content or a dynamic (next blog link) block or even an external link.
You could even create a landing page library for all your content without the need to buy an expensive yet niche tool to manage it.
Your brand belongs to you alone, so do not be constrained by perceived (yet erroneous) limitations when defining how you want to be seen.

Posted ago by Charles

Charles is the co-founder of Otowui and is responsible for marketing strategy and business development. He is a web enthusiast and digital marketing expert, with over 15 years of experience in the field. He enjoys creating unique and personalized user experiences for Otowui customers. He is also a developer and is passionate about the latest technologies to improve the performance and quality of Otowui's products.

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