Marketo : Save time to do more!


Have you ever been asked to do more but with fewer resources next year? Are you running out of ideas on how to approach this challenge?
Otowui tells you how to solve this type of problem!

Save time to do more

Best practice dictates a Marketing Automation team should spend less than 10 minutes to:

  • Create the campaign
  • Integrate content into emails and web pages
  • Embed a form
  • Plan mailing lists
  • Schedule automatic sending and replies
  • Automate data flows and their processing

So, how long is it taking to you or your team to put a campaign into production?
If it takes longer than 10 minutes, it is highly recommended that you optimize your deployment process and the resources used.

Here are our best practice recommendations

The basics

  • Create your mailing lists upstream via the use of segmentation or “smart lists”, in this way, you only need “call it” at the launch of a campaign
  • Create email templates including all sections you may need when carrying out your campaigns. Don’t forget to include the transactional and thank you formats.
  • Create web page templates including all sections you may need when carrying out your campaigns. Again, don’t neglect the transactional and thank you formats.
  • Create “Snippets” to localise your emails and web pages in an automated way from one region to another (URL, physical location, telephone number, sales representative contact info, …)
  • Create one or more form templates for your program typologies.

The more advanced solution

  • Create “model” programs (Webinar, White Paper, External Event (etc) Templates). These should include email templates, web pages with forms already integrated and waiting for content.
  • Integrate matrices for mailing lists into these program templates. A unique selection will be required for sending.
  • Also, integrate into these models all the rules for data processing for monitoring. It will simply remain to activate these upon program launch.

The ultimate solution!

  • Integrate tokens into your program templates for use in email templates, web pages and forms. Instead of editing one by one, simply entering values in the program tokens will be enough to set up all of your elements.
  • Integrate rules for data processing for tracking outside the program model. No more activation will then be required even when the campaign is launched.
Posted ago by Charles

Charles is the co-founder of Otowui and is responsible for marketing strategy and business development. He is a web enthusiast and digital marketing expert, with over 15 years of experience in the field. He enjoys creating unique and personalized user experiences for Otowui customers. He is also a developer and is passionate about the latest technologies to improve the performance and quality of Otowui's products.

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