7 Landing Page Copywriting Tips – Increase Your Conversion


Landing Page Copywriting Tips

What must you do to write a landing page with a high conversion rate? For starters, it’s not just about good writing. It’s about how well you understand your potential clients. Knowing what a prospect is looking for, how they make decisions, and take action is crucial to writing better copy for your landing page.
Here are a few of the best practices for landing page copywriting that converts readers.

Write Captivating Headlines

When it comes to landing pages, people don’t always read all of the content meticulously. Instead, they tend to scan the page and skim through it rather than reading every word.

That’s what makes the headline so important – it gets the main message across. So even if the reader doesn’t go through all the content you’ve written, they’ll know what you’re offering.

For a captivating headline, keep these points in mind:

  • Empathize with the target audience’s pain points
  • Write unambiguous content

Your headlines should be relevant to the ad bringing readers to your page. Let’s say you have a Google search ad that directs visitors to the landing page. Here, the messaging in the headline and the ad messaging should match. For example, if the ad mentions a solution to the reader’s inventory management problem and your headline doesn’t, they won’t stay.

Write Benefits First, Features Next

For a high-converting landing page, always think of your prospect’s point of view. When they visit a landing page, their first thought is, ‘What’s in it for me?’ Mentioning the specifications of your product or service instead of what it can do for them fails to answer that question.

The copy should focus on how your service is a solution to their issue. List the benefits of using your service and use features to back up your claims. Remember, your business’s value proposition is a compelling description that captures the reader’s interest, while features are the facts that support it.

Mention Differentiators

In a saturated market, there might be many other businesses offering the same services as you. In this case, the effectiveness of your service isn’t enough to convince prospects. You should focus on highlighting what sets you apart i.e. your USP. Therefore, your landing page should list down key differentiators that encourage the audience to choose you over the competition.

Add Social Proof

Some of the best elements of effective landing page copy include positive reviews from customers. Instead of spending hours writing the perfect opener, let satisfied customers do the talking for you.

Customer testimonials have an unmatched ability to convert visitors. After all, compelling copy isn’t just about the content or style but where or who it comes from. Reviews or testimonials can give prospects an inside look into what they get by hiring your service.

Write an Attractive CTA

Remember how we mentioned that visitors tend to scan a landing page and skim through the content? Aside from the headline, another major element readers will pay attention to is the Call to Action (CTA) buttons.

Your call-to-action is hugely important for increasing conversions, whether by filling out forms or clicking on a link, or engaging with a button. Here, the language of your call-to-action and how you present it should be attractive to the target audience.

Your CTA copy should:

  1. Be in active voice so they’re action-oriented, such as ‘download now,’ or ‘register today.’
  2. Be specific and direct, so they ask the visitor to do something.
  3. Avoid using cliches so that the CTA doesn’t mean something you don’t intend.
  4. Be related to the content and messaging of the headline preceding it.

The CTA should reflect a solution to the problem that your audience is looking to solve. Let’s say they want to download software that manages appointments, and you’re offering a free trial. In that case, your CTA can say ‘Start Your Free Trial’ to create a sense of urgency and drive action. Or, it could be something more specific to your software like, “Start Scheduling Smarter!”

Make It Easy To Skim Through

A potential client is searching for information relevant to their specific situation. But if the content on your page is mostly a narrative about your company, they may not read it.

Readers prefer landing page copy that’s easy to skim through, answers their questions, and gets right to the point. It’s why your landing page should draw attention to the most important information in an easy-to-read format. When you or your team marketer write copy, keep these in mind:

  • A clear heading that focuses on a single idea
  • Subheaders that introduce the upcoming benefits information you are providing
  • Bullet points detailing the benefits and values
  • Short and concise paragraphs

It divides the content into key segments, making it easier to skim.

Present Information in a Logical Order

Consider the action that you want potential clients to take. This could be filling out a form, downloading a report on market statistics, or signing up for a free trial. Now, consider what details will convert your visitors. An information hierarchy means presenting essential information in a logical order so that it leads to the desired action.

Here are some of the most important things to cover in your landing page copy:

  • The customer’s problem, which you can help solve
  • The value your service offers
  • What makes your offer different from your competitors
  • Customer testimonials or logos of current clients to build trust
  • A CTA so the visitor can access your service

These elements should fit into the existing structure of your landing page. For example, highlighting the customer’s problem in the headline, listing benefits to explain your value proposition, and dedicating a separate section to your differentiators.

Let Your Landing Page Take Off

Your landing page is often the only chance to make a favorable impression, but tight deadlines can prevent you from optimizing it properly. Want to save precious time on your landing page copywriting? Don’t waste a moment building it from scratch – simply ask for Otowui’s OtoPage builder today!

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