How to Create Click-Through Landing Pages that Convert


how to create click through landing pages that convert

Landing pages are often the heroes of conversion funnels, guiding your prospects through a seamless journey from curiosity to action. In this guide, we’ll explore landing pages that are optimized for clicks, their unique advantages, and how you can harness their potential to improve your digital marketing campaigns.

What is Click-Through Landing Pages?

A click-through landing page is a focused web page optimized for conversions, where visitors are enticed to click on a CTA to take the next step in the buyer’s journey.
These pages eliminate distractions, presenting visitors with a persuasive offer and a seamless transition to the desired action, ultimately driving higher conversion rates.

Comparison with Regular Landing Pages

While both click-through landing pages and regular lead generation landing pages serve critical roles in a digital marketing strategy, they differ significantly in their objectives and approaches:

  • Regular landing pages : Aim to capture leads by offering valuable content or resources in exchange for contact information.
  • Click-through pages : Focus on encouraging visitors to click through to another page, such as a product page or checkout page, to complete a specific action, bypassing the traditional lead capture process.

Marketers can strategically employ both types of landing pages to cater to different stages of the buyer’s journey and maximize conversions.

Importance of Optimized Landing Pages for Conversions

Landing pages play a pivotal role in optimizing conversion rates and driving successful digital marketing campaigns. Their significance lies in the following key aspects:

  • Seamless conversion path : These pages guide visitors with a clear and focused path, eliminating distractions and increasing the likelihood of conversion.
  • Personalized user experience : Tailored content and offers create a stronger connection with individual users, encouraging them to take action.
  • Data-driven optimization : Analyzing user behavior data enables continuous refinement of landing pages for improved results over time.
  • Enhanced ad relevance : Aligning ad messaging and landing page content reduces bounce rates and enhances conversion rates.
  • Increased conversion opportunities : Focusing on specific call-to-action prompts provides compelling reasons for visitors to act, maximizing conversion potential.

Optimized Landing Page Examples

The effectiveness of a landing page optimized for clicks in captivating audiences and driving conversions is undeniable. Here are some brands with high-converting landing pages.

1. Home Chef

Home Chef

The Home Chef landing page employs clear and compelling messaging, inviting users to engage with a personalized quiz. The prominent “Start the Quiz” CTA button stands out, encouraging action.
Appealing food imagery sparks cravings, while the transparent pricing and trust-building elements build confidence.
The step-by-step explanation and FAQs address user concerns, while social proof and testimonials strengthen credibility. With strategic branding and an email subscription form, the page ensures a seamless user journey, driving high conversions.

2. Portermetrics


Portermetrics’ landing page converts by clearly highlighting its no-code marketing reporting for teams and agencies. The two prominent CTAs, “Start a 14-day free trial” and “Book a free setup call,” encourage immediate action. Real customer testimonials provide social proof and build trust.
Their focus on customer support with “Unlimited, free support via chat, email, and calls” enhances user confidence. The landing page is designed to encourage existing users to refer the service to others driving more sign-ups.


Veed’s landing page effectively presents its product features, including auto-generating subtitles, text formatting, stock library, music & soundwaves, and more.
The landing page demonstrates the versatility of Veed with various use cases, such as subtitles and translations, meetings and communication, training and e-learning, and marketing and social media.
It also offers users popular templates for inspiration and encourages recording and editing videos in one place with professional results.

4. InVideo


InVideo’s landing page promotes easy video creation with ready-made templates. The “Sign up – it’s free!” call to action encourages immediate action. Key statistics, such as 7M customers and 190 countries, build credibility and trust.
The landing page highlights InVideo’s features, including 5000+ templates for various use cases. Single-click shortcuts for image enhancement and AI tools boost productivity. The inclusion of an AI-powered text-to-video editor and video collaboration options demonstrates versatility.

5. Expandi


The copy on the Expandi landing page is characterized by its clear value proposition, showcasing the platform as the #1 LinkedIn automation tool for outreach.
It emphasizes quick and easy results, promising to turn users into outreach pros. Social proof through featured publications and customer testimonials builds trust and credibility.
The landing page employs strong call-to-action buttons, such as “TRY EXPANDI NOW,” encouraging visitors to start a risk-free 7-day trial immediately. Benefit-oriented features, presented with visuals, highlight personalized LinkedIn and Email outreach, resulting in higher response rates.

Best Practices for Creating High-Converting Landing Pages

Well-optimized landing pages hold the key to maximizing your conversion rates, but, how do you create one? Follow these landing page best practices to ensure your next lead generation page converts:

  1. Define a Clear Objective
    Start by defining the specific action you want visitors to take on your landing page. Whether it’s making a purchase, signing up for a service, or downloading a resource, a clear and focused objective will guide your design and landing page copy choices.
  2. Align with Advertising Campaigns
    Ensure seamless alignment between your landing pages and your advertising campaigns. Consistency in copy, messaging, and visuals between your ads and landing page creates a cohesive user experience, increasing the chances of conversion.
  3. Craft Compelling and Action-Oriented Copy
    The persuasive power of your landing page lies in its copy. Craft compelling headlines and subheadings that captivate visitors from the moment they arrive. Use concise and action-oriented language to convey the benefits of your offering and the value of taking the desired action.
  4. Design an Irresistible Call-to-Action (CTA)
    Strategically position your call-to-action (CTA) to command attention and drive action. Make sure the CTA stands out visually with contrasting colors and use persuasive text, such as “Get Started,” “Claim Your Free Trial,” or “Join Now.”
  5. Optimize for Mobile Users
    With the increasing use of mobile devices, optimizing your landing pages for mobile is essential. Ensure your pages load quickly and are responsive across various screen sizes. Keep forms and CTA buttons easily clickable, and eliminate any unnecessary elements that may slow down mobile users.
  6. Use Personalization to Engage Visitors
    Personalize the content on your landing pages by tailoring copy, design, and offers to match the specific needs and interests of your target audiences. Personalization creates a stronger connection with visitors, increasing the likelihood they convert.
  7. Analyze and Optimize with A/B Testing
    Conduct A/B tests to assess different elements of your landing pages, such as headlines, copy, visuals, and CTAs. Analyze the data to identify what resonates best with your audience and make data-driven decisions to optimize your pages continuously. Once your content is optimized, you can use methods like SEO and paid ads to increase traffic to your landing page.
  8. Provide Trust-Building Elements
    Include trust-building elements, such as customer testimonials, reviews, security badges, and satisfaction guarantees, to instill confidence in visitors and alleviate any concerns they may have about taking action on your page. This is one of the most important page elements.
  9. Keep Navigation Simple and Distraction-Free
    Create an effective landing page with a clean and straightforward design. Minimize distractions and unnecessary links to other pages that may lead visitors away from the conversion goal. Keep the focus on the primary call-to-action and remove any elements that might hinder the conversion process.
  10. Monitor and Measure Performance
    Regularly monitor the performance of your landing pages using web analytics tools. Track key metrics such as conversion rates, bounce rates, and time on page to assess their effectiveness. Use this data to make data-driven improvements and continually enhance your conversion rates.

Final Thoughts

Landing pages are the linchpin of conversion success. Embrace A/B testing and prioritize mobile optimization to continually improve performance.
With the insights gained from this guide, you now have the key to creating landing pages that captivate audiences, maximize conversions, and elevate your digital marketing endeavors to unprecedented heights.
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