4 Headline Hacks: Unleashing the Power of Compelling Landing Page Headlines


Landing Page Headlines

The single job of a landing page is to capture and convert visitors into customers. And that job begins at the top with a great headline. It’s the first thing visitors see. It’s the beginning of the story. The gateway to a more desired goal, if you will.

With the average attention span clocking in at just 8.25 seconds, companies are hard at work implementing strategies to grab potential customers’ attention in those precious seconds and keep it.

What is a Landing Page?

Before we dive into the art of crafting headlines, let’s first establish a clear understanding of what a landing page is.

A landing page refers to a standalone web page specifically designed to achieve a defined goal.

Whether it’s driving sign-ups, promoting a product, or generating leads, a landing page is the linchpin of your marketing strategy, guiding visitors through the sales funnel toward conversion. It’s used to accomplish a very specific goal and must be reached through the sales funnel.

As important as a landing page is to your overall marketing strategy, you need an even better headline to hook your audience’s attention.

Keep reading for some best practices that are critical to crafting effective landing page headlines for your next offer or launch.  Follow our headline formula to increase your landing page conversion rate.

Headlines: our Hacks

Headline Hack n°1: Make it Clear (That This is Where They Belong)

If you were searching for the best essential oils for your home online, 9 times out of 10, you wouldn’t continue on a page that at first glance was promoting a high-quality olive oil in their headline, would you?

“What are they selling?”, “What is this?”
If these are questions they have to ask themselves, the headline didn’t do its job properly. They will bounce away quickly from the page and you lose the opportunity to convert their interest into a sale.

Through your purposefully-designed sales funnel, visitors have found their way to a landing page through a specified traffic source, such as a Facebook ad or maybe a referral from an expert in the field.

The point?
They already made the conscious decision to “want to know more” about your products or services. They didn’t land on your landing page by accident. So let them know right up front by using strong, clear, and plain language that excites them to take action.

The success of a landing page headline lies in its ability to immediately communicate to visitors that they have landed in the right place. When users arrive at your landing page, they have already shown interest and taken deliberate action to learn more about your product or service. Your headline should resonate with their expectations and align with the traffic source that directed them to your page. By using strong, clear, and plain language, you can instill a sense of belonging and excite them to take action.

Headline Hack n°2: Make it Valuable (and Beneficial)

Landing pages are all about conversions but for the customer it’s more of a “what’s in this for me?”

Does the headline offer visitors a solution?

When they read it, does the message benefit them in some way?

Will it relieve them of their problem or issue?

Using the earlier example of essential oils, your visitors will care more that certain oils may improve job performance through reduced stress or reduced headaches than the wonderful aroma it gives off.

Your visitors aren’t looking for your product or service, per se. They are searching for an answer to their pain points. A great landing page headline gives the impression that your brand can do just that and sets you apart from the competition.

Using your deep understanding of your audience, lean heavily on the value and benefits to your customers more than just the flashy features of the product/service.

Here’s a tip: When creating your landing page call to action (CTA) make sure the copy relates back to the headline preceding it.

Headline Hack n°3: Keep it Short and Sweet

With less than 10 seconds to capture attention, brands are also going up against the fact that people scan more than read. If interest is not piqued by that initial cursory glance at the title of your page, your visitors will just stop reading…and move on.

From one moment to the next, people are on the move, whether it’s a quick lunch break, or possibly wasting time while they wait for their coffee order. This is not the time for your landing page to read like the first paragraph of a novel.

Keep the headline between six and eight words long but make them count.

In a world where attention spans are dwindling, brevity is key. Your headline needs to deliver a strong impact in a concise manner. With less than 10 seconds to capture attention, you must make every word count. Aim for a headline that is between six and eight words long—long enough to convey the essence of your offering and short enough to be quickly absorbed. Remember, you want to entice readers to engage further, not overwhelm them with a lengthy introduction.

Headline Hack n°4: Don’t Forget the Subheadings

If your headline is the “hero” of the story, then the subheading plays the role of a trustworthy sidekick. While the headline captures attention and sets the tone, the subheading offers an additional opportunity to reinforce the main message. It acts as a supporting element that complements the headline, expands on its promise, and creates a seamless flow of information. When crafted effectively, subheadings enhance the overall structure and readability of your landing page.

A well-crafted subheading should not only echo the essence of the headline but also provide further context and entice readers to delve deeper into the content. It serves as a bridge between the headline and the body of your page, guiding visitors along the intended narrative. By using engaging language and emphasizing the key points, subheadings can pique curiosity and encourage readers to continue exploring.

Moreover, subheadings offer a valuable opportunity to break up your content into digestible sections. They act as signposts, allowing readers to quickly scan and navigate through the page, identifying the information that is most relevant to them. By structuring your content with well-defined subheadings, you enhance the user experience and make it easier for visitors to find the specific details they are seeking.


Ready to build a highly customizable SaaS landing page to go along with your new high-converting headline? Better yet, do you need a lot of customizations for multiple landing pages as of yesterday?

Crafting compelling headlines for your SaaS landing page requires strategic thinking, a deep understanding of your target audience, and a focus on value proposition. By making your headlines clear, valuable, concise, and supported by effective subheadings, you can create a powerful first impression that captures attention, drives engagement, and ultimately leads to higher conversions.

Remember, your headline is the gateway to your solution. It should entice the senses by capturing the attention of its readers and inspire them to move forward to the next step. Mastering these basic elements will put you on the right path to qualifying leads and converting them to loyal customers. Invest time and effort into crafting captivating headlines that resonate with your audience’s needs and desires.

Implement these best practices and continuously test and iterate to find the winning combination that drives the success of your landing page. So go ahead, unleash the power of compelling headlines, and watch your landing page soar to new heights of conversion and customer acquisition.

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