Great Evolution – Gmail Spam-Fighting Update for 2024


On February 1, 2024, Google will implement a game-changing Gmail Spam-Fighting update, particularly impacting bulk senders of more than 5000 emails daily.
This blog post will explore these new requirements and introduce recommendations from Otowui to enhance BtoB email management and promote professional communication.

Evolution of Gmail Spam-Fighting Security

Gmail, with its robust Spam-Fighting mechanisms, has been a pioneer in email security. Yet, the challenges persist and require continuous improvement to combat sophisticated threats.

Focus on Gmail Spam-Fighting Validation

Bulk senders often overlook securing their systems, leaving vulnerabilities for attackers. Gmail’s Spam-Fighting measures prioritize email security validation, emphasizing the authenticity of senders to reduce the risk of exploits.

Future Requirements for Bulk Senders

To further fortify your inbox, Gmail introduces new requirements for bulk senders under the Gmail Spam-Fighting initiative. These include stringent measures such as:

  • Authentication of emails
    Ensuring strong authentication practices to verify the legitimacy of the sender.
  • Easy unsubscription
    Enabling Gmail recipients to unsubscribe effortlessly with a single click, processed within two days.
  • Control over spam rate
    Imposing a clear spam rate threshold to minimize unwanted messages in your inbox.

Industry-Wide Collaboration in Gmail Spam-Fighting

Recognizing the need for collective action, Gmail collaborates with industry leaders, such as Yahoo, to set a new standard for Gmail Spam-Fighting security. Marcel Becker, Sr. Dir. Product at Yahoo, underscores the importance of a collective effort to provide users with the safest, most secure experience.

Basic Gmail Spam-Fighting Hygiene and Guidance

These new Gmail Spam-Fighting practices align with basic email hygiene, with many senders already meeting these requirements. For those needing assistance in enhancing their systems, Gmail provides clear guidance before the enforcement begins in February 2024.

Our recommendation for BtoB senders:

Otowui’s strategic recommendation involves a two-fold approach to ensure a database exclusively comprising professional emails.

Firstly, leveraging our product, Very-Mail, can proactively prevent non-professional emails from entering the database in the first place. Very-Mail acts as a robust filter, allowing only professional email addresses to be included, thereby establishing a foundation of quality contacts.

In cases where a database already includes non-professional emails, Otowui suggests implementing targeted campaigns. Specifically, creating a dedicated landing page for these campaigns enables the collection of professional email addresses, enhancing the overall database quality. Alternatively, optimizing the preference center to seamlessly integrate the option for users to update their email preferences to a professional address is another effective strategy. Otowui’s approach is not only preventative but also proactive, ensuring that your database remains populated with high-quality, professional contacts.


Gmail’s upcoming Spam-Fighting changes act as a proactive measure, focusing on key aspects to ensure a smoother, more secure, and spam-free experience. This evolution is not a one-time effort but an ongoing commitment to collaboration and vigilance across the Gmail Spam-Fighting community. Together, we strive to maintain the security, user-friendliness, and spam-free nature of your inbox. Gmail remains dedicated to working collectively to safeguard your email experience in the evolving landscape of digital communication.
To know more about Gmail’s update.

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