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Nowadays, marketing campaigns require several specific skills for producing real impact. Designers, emails and web experts, coders, content writers, field marketers, marketing automation & operation agents, digital experts are all part of the mix... This new plurality of expertise means oftentime organisations forced to choose between: productivity with low impact or creativity with low productivity.
Otowui's goal is to reconcile both to help you generate a beautiful, fast, efficient and automated advanced user journey.
How do we do this? By structuring and combining all of these specific skills through our services. So whatever the size of your organization, you're always seeking, as Marketing expert, reconcile experience and efficiency, Otowui is here to accompany you at every juncture.

  • Our Services
  • Marketing Audits

    Marketing Audits

    With Otowui, the best Marketing automation/operations consultants and developers review the implementation and management of your marketing automation solutions like Marketo, Pardot & others in order to provide you with ideas and solutions to enhance your campaign management, customer engagement, and marketing operations.

  • Template Builder

    Template Builder

    Otowui has created a tool to assist you in expressing your creativity whilst being efficient in campaign creation. Our builder email and landing page builders helps you focus on translating your concept into reality instead of looking for coders.

  • Custom templates

    Custom templates

    We offer this service for companies who seek to benefit from our expertize. At Otowui, we also use our own tools, which have proven to make us ultra-competitive in the marketplace.

  • Custom solutions

    Custom solutions

    Otowui can do even more for you! Improved efficiency, simplicity and automation are our buzzwords! Challenge us! We can be your expert consultants as well as tool builders!

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